Apple Mochi

Smallish, green buds with very dark purple hint for this heavily indica leaning cross of Sour Apple and Mochi. This is basically a double cross of two indica dominants and should be around 80% leaning.The flower is soft and pliable rather than the hard nugs of the main indica lines, and the structure is much different than what we are used to seeing. This is an exotic strain, no doubt, and it does come at you from a different angle. It did taste like apple on the front end with earthy wood influence on exhale, and I could smell a lot of lavender when I opened the bag. It has a smooth flavor and it's fairly heavy on the creeper effect. The buzz really kicked in about an hour later and it was a long-lasting high. I actually didn't eat while under the influence of this strain so it might be a good bet for appetite suppression. Overall, I think any mochi or apple connoisseur would approve, and I would highly recommend for late afternoon after eating to enjoy it's recreational properties.

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