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We share the finest flower, cleanest marijuana concentrates, and the most potent edibles with our growing list of friends in compliance with District of Columbia Initiative 71. Call or Text us at 202-262-0927 for more information.

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Friends and Family

Pass our number along or mention a member and you and your friend get a complimentary Wax Dipped Pre-Roll :D

Puff "Coffee" Card

Earn a punch each time you schedule an order and get a FREE GIFT on your fifth purchase!

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In Person Visit IconIn Person Visit

This is a consultation that can be made by appointment only. Call or text 202-262-0927 to set up your first consultation where you can select your gifts.

Curbside Pickup IconCurbside Pickup

After you do your first consultation you will get a login that will allow you to select your gifts online so you can pick them up at our pick up location.

Deliveery IconDelivery

This service is not yet available. We will let you know as soon as we are ready to start delivering your gifts.