My Favorite Weed - Top 8 Strains

Hidden Dragon - May 17, 2021, 2:24 p.m.

So many different options, but these 8 strains really stand out for me over the years:

Mirage: I smoked this when I was driving home. I missed the exit to my house, and then missed it again trying to get back. I usually don’t like pine smelling weeds, but this was wasn’t a super strong pine profile, it was pretty mellow, just easy to get lost. These nugs were MASSIVE and beautiful almost an entire quarter can be one nug sometimes. It was slightly leafier pot and not super dense so it looked like a heavier quarter than most weeds.

Watermelon Juice: The best weed I’ve ever smoked hands down (and I’m kinda picky)!

Big Dark Nugs: When I opened the package, this weed stayed in the form of the packaging. It was so fresh and sticky, it looked like one big pound sized bud! The high crept on you and it felt like a true indica high, were I was relaxed, but not crazy tired from it. I had everyone close to me purchase some and they were not disappointed!

Jack Herer:  This one smelled and tasted very similar to sour diesel. For a sativa strain, I actually thought it was really nice because I didn’t get anxious. I try not to smoke too much sativa because I tend to get anxious, but Jack Herer kept me productive and upbeat the entire day.

Sherbet Runtz: Dark weed that’s covered in snowy crystals so it looks white. We get a lot of Runtz in different variations, but this was my favorite by far. Denser nugs so it didn’t look crazy heavy for a quarter, but the high was really clear and stuck with me through out the day. Sometimes the premium weed is TOO strong for me and I prefer to smoke outdoor until the end of the day or else you’d be gone too early in the day.

Lost Souls: A really great outdoor indica. I smoked it in a joint and got a really amazing high, it was so great I thought I was smoking indoor until I checked the bag. Outdoor weed may not look as pretty as indoor and may be more affordable, but the high is just as potent with some strains comparatively. 

Pie Gal: Pie gal is sativa dominant hybrid. At the first smell she wasn’t my favorite with overwhelming notes of woodsy pine. Some people love this smell, but for me it just doesn’t make my spider senses tingle. This is such a strong sativa that it made me anxious. I couldn’t personally enjoy this strain because of the pine flavor. You might love it if you like hardcore sativas, but sometimes I can be a harsh critic.

Orange Sherbet: Smelled just like banana bread I kid you not, it didn’t really taste like banana bread! But the high was actually really productive for being an indica dominant hybrid.

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